We provide boutique training simulation solutions to Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces, State Law Enforcement Agencies and Training Academies.

Maximum Efficiency

Detailed Statistics

Cost Effective

Our technologies make training more like real combat. Qualitative training of personnel is a guarantee of success during military operations.

How does it work?

The training systems are based on digital signal transmission technology. The electronic units are mounted on small arms or military equipment for a realistic simulation of firing.

A Single System

All the equipment for the tactical training interacts with each other and can be combined into a single complex for the simultaneous training of representatives of various types of troops.

Within the framework, the following simulations are possible:

  1. Tanks and Armoured Vehicles
  2. Snipers
  3. Anti-Aircraft
  4. Mines – Personnel and Anti-Tank
  5. Infantry
  6. Artillerymen and Mortar Squads
  7. And other that can be custom added

Mounted unit for small arms

The set of military equipment

A set of military equipment is used for tactical training of screws of armored vehicles.

The kit includes :

  1. Mount Unit
  2. Fire Control Module
  3. Hit Fixing Sensors
  4. Control Unit
  5. Pyrotechnic Imitation Unit

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