Over time pollution, allergens like viruses/bacterias, animal/human dander, and other particles gather in the filtration and ventilation system resulting in deterioration of the air quality you breathe, eventually leading to health problems and a poorly funtioning HVAC system.
New Strains of Covid-19 prompt the use of material that is not only broadbased disinfectan but gives maximum efficacy, kill rate of the virus, and future is proof.

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The HVAC/ Central AC decontamination process draws air out of various rooms of homes, malls, hospitals, institutes, offices, hotels, restaurants etc removing airborne particles, bacteria & viruses. In turn, air is sanitised that is then routed back to the rooms/halls.
Whenever the system is running, this cycle repeats continually, constantly filtering and cleaning the air providing decontamination in a complete 360º manner.

Process :

Diagram of inflow & outflow of HVAC/Central air conditioning system

Decontamination In Action

man using fogger

Decontaminant Used

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